Service Sheets, Memorial Book and Acknowledgement Cards

service sheetsService sheets (orders of service) may be printed for handing out at the funeral service. Sizes and styles range from the standard size through to bookmarks. Service sheets have now become a sought-after item at a funeral service.

Some families consider service sheets to be a gift to those who attend the service and many people will keep these as a memento families are encouraged to be involved in the design of these personalised service sheets, and will often use a range of photos to reflect a person’s life.

Memorial Book

If you would like to know everyone who has attended the funeral, you may find it useful to have a memorial book for people to sign.

We do our best to ensure that everyone signs the book either as they arrive for the funeral service or before they leave.

Acknowledgement Cards

Acknowledgement cards may feature the photo from the service sheets and can be printed for you to send out after the funeral.

These cards can be a nice way of acknowledging the support of family and friends.